The Mooney Tree

I was mildly surprised by tremendous this post: Chris Mooney is the 65th longest tenured coach in D1 men’s basketball (out of 351). Well done him, UR, and Jim Miller (for the hire). Mooney’s position also passed a little known rule: all coaches in the top 66 for longest tenure must have a coaching tree.

Without further ado, the Chris Mooney Coaching Tree:

• Pete Carril (Princeton)

• Chris Mooney (Richmond)

- Jamal Brunt – Kim Lewis – Rob Jones – Kevin Smith – Ryan Butler

• Kevin McGeehan (Campbell)

- Peter Thomas – Dan Geriot – Greg Robbins


So that’s a start. Hit me on twitter @SpiderBandwagon to let me know what branches I’ve missed. I’ll update this post as the tree grows.


Introducing: Men’s Lacrosse

I really like soccer. A lot. I played it through high school. I watch it when I can – USMNT, EPL, Champions League. One of my best sports experiences remains attending a Juventus Serie A match in Italy. At UR, I had friends on the soccer team. I went to a few matches. I love the commentary during soccer games – the announcers take the bold step of assuming their listeners aren’t morons. So, yes, I’m sad that UR will no longer field a men’s soccer team. It’s hard to mentally process and accept.

Yet, I’ve stayed out of the lacrosse/soccer/track fiasco, and I’m going to continue to do so. I’m too far removed and don’t have enough information to make fair judgments or criticisms. Suffice it to say, it didn’t seem like a smooth process and lots people have strong feelings.

But it’s done. The important thing now is to not hold a grudge against the lacrosse team. Just as the soccer and track players were caught in the crossfire of a difficult situation, so too are the entering lacrosse players. It’s not their fault their team was added at another’s expense.

And last I heard, the jerseys will still say ‘Richmond’ across the front (hopefully across the front of those sweet red-red horizontal stripe numbers).

And now that I come to think of it, I’m rather excited for lacrosse season next spring. Which is to say I’m pretty sure lacrosse wasn’t created by Satan to lure Man from Eden.

It may be the novelty speaking, but I’m ready to go all in on Spiders lacrosse. Continue reading


2013-14 Schedule Update

With two announcements this week – one from the RTD and one from the A10 – suddenly the Spiders’ men’s hoops schedule comes into much clearer focus. The details are thus:


A10: VCU, Fordham, Bonaventure, Dayton, GW, LaSalle, UMass, St. Joe’s

OOC: Delaware (11/8), Belmont (11/11), Minnesota, Hofstra (11/19), Ohio, JMU, Old Dominion (12/28), Coppin State


A10: VCU, Fordham, Bonaventure, Dayton, URI, Duquesne, Mason, St. Louis

OOC: Florida, Wake Forest, Air Force, William & Mary


OOC: North Carolina (11/23), Fairfield/Louisville (11/24)

That’s 30 games. UR is reportedly still chasing one more BCS-esque opponent (presumably an away game).

Buckle your seat belts. Even if the A10 regresses to the mean this year with all the departures, that’s a robust schedule. Mooney (and his staff) has done a pretty good job in his tenure at UR of scheduling up or down depending on the team’s needs/expectations. Regardless of whatever optimistic cliches he spouts at media day, ramping up the opponents liking this shows where his mind is entering the season as opposed the last.

Time to grow up, freshmen.

[Update 7/30: OOC game dates added.]