Open Season

Calmed down yet? Wow, that was a big win last night over a big time Purdue team. For the second straight year, the MBB Spiders won a November mini-tournament, the Chicago Invitational. It was a resume-making win. It was an attention-grabbing win. It was a bandwagon seat filling win. Before the win was in the … Continue reading »


The Last Shot

Garrett Wilkins took the handoff from Montel White, sweeped off-tackle right for a few yards, and the FB Spiders’ season ended. W&M took the Capital Cup back (for the first time in its current substantiation) and UR got back on the bus heading back up 64 for the winter. The two first have W&M drives, … Continue reading »

Basketball / Football

Iona Lessons

Thankfully, there aren’t any more Gaels in D1 basketball. The Spiders have now lost to both and gotten it out of their system. Brutal. Or was it? Was it just a reality check this team needed? Was it just a chance for us to finally learn something about this team? Hopefully… I went through the … Continue reading »


Housekeeping II: Click This!

I’m trying hard to be patient and not post statistical evidence of the Men’s Basketball Spiders’ dominance until there’s a little larger sample size. Plus, I’m not sure I want to risk a jinx this early in the season after the football fiasco. So let’s switch topics quickly…. Here in the Land of Continuous Tinkering (I … Continue reading »

Basketball / Football

In For the Cold

There was no shining moment last April. Gordon Hayward’s shot missed. Milan High lost. Goliath won. The clock struck midnight. The sun set. Summer came. Heat and humidity reigned. Months later, the fall has been kind so far in Shadow. Temperatures have been in the 60s this week with plenty of sun. I went running … Continue reading »