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Tempo-Free Halftime: Dayton

In 29 possessions:

UR: 1.25 PPP, 56.67 eFG%, 50 OReb%, 20.76 TO%, 13.33 FTR

Dayton: 1.04 PPP, 54 eFG%, 46.15 OReb%, 20.76 TO%, 16 FTR

Great final possession! Spiders are a much better team when Brothers shoots even half this well. Defense still needs to tighten the screws on the Flyer shooters.

(Editor’s Note: As mentioned on twitter, I found an error yesterday in the spreadsheet used to calculate these stats. It affected OR%. The spreadsheet was fixed for tonight and all previous TFH posts have been updated to accurately show OR% as well. Spoiler alert: OR% allowed usually got worse.)

Tempo-Free Halftime: Xavier

In 32 possessions, the numbers aren’t pretty:

UR: 0.7 PPP, 36.36 eFG%, 14.29 OReb%, 28.45 TO%, 31.82 FTR

Xavier: 0.79 PPP, 38.33 eFG%, 36.84 OReb%, 22.13 TO%, 6.67 FTR

I’m so confused. I was mortified watching the ticker in the upper corner waiting for the VCU (effin’ VCU!) game to end and watching the Spiders not score. Then VCU finished and ESPN finally took us to Cincy. And a game broke out. It could be, should be, worse. Much worse. I feel okay after all of that.

Will someone remember to tape up Holloway’s ankles before the second half begins? K-Zero just rolled them both. Wow.