This Is Only The Beginning

Welcome to Spider Bandwagon!

Now’s about a good time to start a Spiders blog, I figure. I don’t see any others so maybe people will read mine. Please?

Spider Bandwagon will follow the ups and downs of the Richmond Spiders football and men’s basketball teams (and maybe the occasional non-big two event). Each game will get its own key name to know leading up to kick/tip-off, three pertinent and irrefutable facts, and one final word of wisdom to lead the Spiders onto fields of glory. Non-game preview posts will be much more open-ended and focus primarily on the life of a fan far from campus following his alma mater’s athletics teams- teams and athletes more often than not far from the national spotlight.

Before the heavy analysis starts flowing though, see who I am and what this blog on the About page.

Then, read the CAA’s preview of the Spiders here, and read about my victory here.

Now just remember to come back here on Monday to find out the key figure to know heading into UVA on September 4.

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